Invited speakers:

Dr Nan Jiang (University of Illinois Chicago - USA) 

Title: "Atomic-Scale Probing of Chemically Modified Borophene via Tip-Enhanced Raman Spectroscopy"

Dr Dmitry Kurouski (Texas A&M University - USA)

Title: “TERS Imaging of Photocatalytic Properties of Mono and Bimetallic Nanomaterials”

Dr Alexandre Dazzi ( Paris Saclay University - France)

Title: “AFM-IR : When Atomic Force Microscopy meets Infrared”

Dr Naresh Kumar (ETH Zürick, Switzerland)

Title: "Nanoscale chemical imaging of 2D materials using tip-enhanced optical spectroscopy

Dr Andreij Gadelha (Federal University of Minas Gerais, Brazil)

Title: "Localized moiré phonons in the magic material probed by tip-enhanced Raman spectroscopy

Dr Patryk Kusch (Freie Universität Berlin, Germany)

Title: "Studying the impact of interlayer excitons on the optical properties of van der Waals heterostructures

Dr Patrick Z. El-Khoury (Pacific Northwest National Laboratory, USA)

Title: "Multimodal Tip-Enhanced Spectral Imaging on Both Sides of the Schrödinger Equation"

Dr Katrin F. Domke (Max Planck Institute for Polymer Research, Germany) 

Title: "Geometric and electronic redox properties of electrochemical single-molecule junctions"

Program and book of abstract:

The conference was held in a hybrid format (online simulcast) in order to allow as many people as possible (in-person attendees and virtual attendees) to follow and participate to the conference, especially in view of the health crisis. Talks given by online participants, described as "online", were beamed in the conference room and simultaneously broadcasted to online participants

The book of abstract can be dowloaded here: 

The "at a glance" program given hereafter: 

On-site registrations and welcoming of participants were possible as early as Tuesday 1st of November.

The scientific session lasted two and a half days, oral presentations and exhibitions will be held from Wednesday 2nd of November to Friday 4th of November 2022. 

TERS-8 has kept the single session tradition of the TERS conference. The scientific program has included keynote talks, contributed talks and poster sessions. 

Coffee breaks and poster sessions were organized in the sponsors exhibition hall so as to favour maximum interactions between the attendees and the sponsors.

TERS-8 meeting has addressed both fundamental and applications of TERS, with special emphasis on the spatial resolution, instrumentation, methodology and operando measurements. It was also the opportunity to integrate in the congress other nanospectroscopies such as AFM-IR, fluorescence or non-linear approaches. The scientific program will include invited and contributed talks, industry presentations and training sessions, and poster sessions.

Topics covered during TERS-8 included:

  • Submolecular resolution
  • Biological applications
  • Tip preparation
  • Plasmonic and photochemical effects on the measurements
  • Complex media, operando measurements
  • Theoretical aspects
  • Other emerging spectroscopies (fluorescence, AFM-IR)
  • Future trends of TERS related approaches
  • Chemistry on the tip

Lunch, Gala, Excursions

Lunches were taken in « Arenes de Lutèce », with dessert and coffee proposed in the sponsorship exhibition hall.

A gala dinner has beeb organized on Thursday night in the Moulin de la Galette restaurant at the heart of the historical Montmartre district (on reservation only). 

Guided tour (walk) in the latin and Montmartre district were proposed on Wednesday and Thursday late afternoon respectively. Boat cruise "Bateaux Mouches" on the Seine river were proposed on Friday afternoon. 

Jardin des plantes

Arènes de Lutèces


Le Moulin de la galette

Bateaux Mouches